Sunday, September 4, 2005

Well, I sent

an email to Caribou Coffee about their rude employees. Let's see if they answer. I go to Starbucks 2 or 3 times a week and have "art" night there on Monday nights where I've brought other people in (who also buy coffee and pastries) so it's not like we are freeloaders. I would've liked to have another place to go and hang out and knit and journal but sometimes they just make us feel really unwelcome. Starbucks just doesn't care as long as we put the tables and chairs back where we found them.  If the zine were still being published I would've have definately written about that in my article. I think it's unbearably rude to turn off the lights and lock the doors of a business without telling the customers sitting there that it is closing time. HHHHHHHmmmmm let me get out my crystal ball and see if I can tell that ....nope, nothing.

On the knitting front, much happy dancing as I finished the right front of my cardigan last night. As is the case many times it was much easier than I had it built up in my knitting mind. I think the end is eventually in sight. And there will be much rejoicing...woohoo! But more than with confetti.

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