Thursday, September 22, 2005

I could wear it if...

I could wear my almost completed cardigan (major happy dancing!!) if it would only cool down. Of course it will have to cool down alot for me to even put on long sleeves much less a sweater. I am excited that it will be done by tomorrow but I am not so happy that it is time to do THAT poncho again. I've decided that instead of calling it cupcake, which is what we were calling it at the knitting group, I am going to call it Oh No, Not Again!. Hopefully it shouldn't take me too long as I can probably knit it from memory and in my sleep. And then Ad.'s sweater and "the carrier's" cardigan. It's a good thing she's small so it won't take very long. I keep getting more and more added onto the "please,will you knit me this?'' pile. Oh sure, why not. I don't have anything to do....haahahahahaha.

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