Saturday, September 10, 2005

Knitting pockets

So, the other night I'm KIP at Starbucks and I did a pocket for the first time. I put the stitches on a stitch holder and then went ahead with the pattern and picked up stitches in the next row to continue. I was so proud that I held it up for m. and A. to see as I stuck my mouth through it and made it "talk". I didn't realize at the time there was a woman standing behind me fixing her coffee and watching me. OOPS! How fortunate was it that she was a knitter and completely understood. Only a little

Finished the other front of my happy dance! Just the sleeves, pockets, and placket to go. The end is in sight and I'm excited.

On the Caribou Coffee front. They did respond to my email and sent me a coupon for a free drink. Gee, could they afford it. Either send one for several drinks or nothing at all. Well, it will be a drink for A. Going to knit for a while.

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