Sunday, September 25, 2005


Man!! I am irritated. I have knit and knit and knit on "Tiny" my cardigan and I have it all put together except the placket. So I tried it on and I am not happy. It fits but does not look good. I am not going to put it on again until the placket is sewn on as I am hoping that it will pull it all together and it will look better. If not I shall have to find a new home for it.GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I did start on the "Oh No,not again" poncho and have a good bit of it finished. I will not be able to work on it tonight because of the A.A.S. meeting and then tomorrow the stupid Stampin' Up party that C. wanted to throw for some stuff. NOT my kind of thing at all but I told her that I would so that is that. Hopefully the few that I invited will come as they like the S.U. stamps. Then knitting group on Tuesday which is always fun as it meets in the library and I can get my book fill first and then my knitting help. Also I like to get books on tape for when I am knitting. Hopefully there will be some good ones there.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I could wear it if...

I could wear my almost completed cardigan (major happy dancing!!) if it would only cool down. Of course it will have to cool down alot for me to even put on long sleeves much less a sweater. I am excited that it will be done by tomorrow but I am not so happy that it is time to do THAT poncho again. I've decided that instead of calling it cupcake, which is what we were calling it at the knitting group, I am going to call it Oh No, Not Again!. Hopefully it shouldn't take me too long as I can probably knit it from memory and in my sleep. And then Ad.'s sweater and "the carrier's" cardigan. It's a good thing she's small so it won't take very long. I keep getting more and more added onto the "please,will you knit me this?'' pile. Oh sure, why not. I don't have anything to do....haahahahahaha.

Friday, September 16, 2005 yarn shop alert!

A new yarn shop is opening up down the street. I do okay by not going into any because most of them are not so close. But this will be so close that I will hear it calling me. I will have to put in earplugs now.

We finally had some rain today. Actually it poured but it was ssssssssssssooooooo nice and it smelled so good while it was raining. A.,m. and I went to the Indian buffet around the corner and it was delicious. Much better than the one we usually go to and boy, did we eat. Love that hot naan bread now!

I am going to start decreasing on the sleeves now ( I call the sweater "Tiny'') and maybe after "tc" goes home tomorrow I will finish it. She and m. are having a sleepover tonight. But she is always tagging after me. She wants to learn to knit but the last time we attempted that she poked me with the needles and after the second time we were DONE. I'm thinking that she will have to be just a little older. I did teach her to needlepoint but it's slow going. If I have to be honest I am jealous of my time and don't want to have to take time off my knitting to watch her. At least a little. Plus, she always wants to work on what I'm doing instead of hers. I think we will have to have rules.

Also...a great knitting dvd--The Art of Knitting.

It is very good and I already have learned a few things from it. I am probably going to order it and the second one also.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's looking like a sweater!

Went to Waynesville today for lunch at Der Dutchman. Yummy salad bar. And the extra good thing was I got the ribbing done on my sleeves for the cardigan. Minor happy dancing all around. If only we weren't babysitting "t.c." tomorrow I could probably get the sleeves finished. At least it isn't the same color as A.'s poncho!! I will not knit with that color AGAIN! Sure, I say that now but you know that if she asked for something else in that color that I would do it. Because I want her to be happy. I want anything that I knit or cross-stitch for someone to be just what they want and for them to be happy.

I see some of the oddest patterns that are published and I would never make them but to each his own. As long as I don't have to put my name on it, it's all good.

Monday, September 12, 2005


I am almost finished with the second pocket lining. A few more rows and ta-dah! It will be done and I can sew them together. I shall cast on the sleeves and finish it all this week. I was going to knit tonight but gave a bunch of my cards to my Starbucks baristas and some to a friend of m.'s in Denmark. So my card stash is low and must fill them up. I haven't sent in anything to be published in a while so maybe I will do somethings for submission.

I also have to work on C's journal for the color swap. I want to do something different for hers but haven't decided what yet. Plus it has to be purple. Not my best color to work with.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Knitting pockets

So, the other night I'm KIP at Starbucks and I did a pocket for the first time. I put the stitches on a stitch holder and then went ahead with the pattern and picked up stitches in the next row to continue. I was so proud that I held it up for m. and A. to see as I stuck my mouth through it and made it "talk". I didn't realize at the time there was a woman standing behind me fixing her coffee and watching me. OOPS! How fortunate was it that she was a knitter and completely understood. Only a little

Finished the other front of my happy dance! Just the sleeves, pockets, and placket to go. The end is in sight and I'm excited.

On the Caribou Coffee front. They did respond to my email and sent me a coupon for a free drink. Gee, could they afford it. Either send one for several drinks or nothing at all. Well, it will be a drink for A. Going to knit for a while.

Friday, September 9, 2005


You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.
Sure why not.What kind of yarn are you? - Quizilla

I am annoyed at UPS. Gee, what a surprise. They were supposed to deliver my shoes today. I was here until 7:00 tonight and nothing. I even had a note on the door telling them that I was here and just ring the bell. Nothing. So I get online to track the package and it says they tried to deliver it at 5:34 pm. Um, no I don't think so. If they don't come that's one thing but don't say they tried to deliver it when I was here sitting in the kitchen. Why, why do they always do that?

I did get almost all the front of the cardigan done. Two more inches and I can start on the sleeves. The knitting group meets tomorrow at the library so I may go down for awhile. I have a few questions about the sweater pattern for A.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

I'll be glad for fall - Dr. Martens 9A58  These are the shoes that I just ordered. Too cute. I have the flowered boots but sometimes it is too hot for boots. Unfortunately they are a Christmas present so I'll bet I have to wait until then for them. 

 I'll be glad when fall is here. It has been just so hot and disgusting this year. Plus the hot flashes just make it worse. On the up side, my cardigan is going along great. I'm almost finished with the other front and then just have the sleeves and the placket. Woohoo. I got alot knitted today as m.,A.and I drove to Sugarcreek to see if there might be a Quaker parrot there for A. She misses her bird so much that we knew she had to have another one. She found one...what a surprise...and they are very happy together. I, on the other hand, stayed in the car as birds and I...not so much. But the knitting was good, there was shade, a lovely breeze and some water, so it was all good. Now that the cardigan is almost finished I suppose I must start on the PONCHO. Ugh! Well, the sooner it's started, the sooner is finished.

I can't wait for the tea I ordered from Harneys to get here.Harney and Sons Fine Tea is Your Source for Green, Black, Oolong, White Teas, Herbals, and Tea Gifts it's the best tea. The tropical green and the White Christmas are fabulous. As well as the Cranberry Autumn. Yum. I think I shall go make a pot of tea.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Uck! What a day

A.came over today and put in a new toilet for us. Well, sort of's in and working but it is leaking somewhat. He gets all irritated but then he tells us that he's only put in a toilet under supervision. Oh great! When we asked him he said "oh,sure, no problem." See, that's the problem. Never should have believed him.

 Got the new Patternworks catalog today. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHh all kinds of new things calling me to take them home and love them. Sure they act all innocent and cute and cuddly in the store but when you get them home they're all like...use me, you never look at me...I  am lonely, you know you want to, come on everyone else is using us. Oh the voices. Bad, bad fibers.

Monday, September 5, 2005

More things to do

A WOOL GATHERING oooohhh,oooohhh,oooohhh, I want to go! It's not terribly far away from here so maybe we can go. Oh sure, like I need to go and see some more kinds of yarn and yarn I bet I can go and maybe not buy anything or not much. A. said that she would like to go. I think it was seeing the llamas that got her. I did teach her to knit (against her wishes) but she is enjoying it. Just a garter stitch scarf on big needles but she is doing well. I worked on the other front of my cardigan last night. It's moving right along as I got 10'' done last night.

Here's the annoying thing though: why is it you can measure something and it comes out to be 12" so you knit and knit and knit and then measure again and it's still 12''. So you sigh and knit, knit, knit and then..... still 12". Where does all the knitting go? Is it the knitting black hole? I don't get it at all.

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Well, I sent

an email to Caribou Coffee about their rude employees. Let's see if they answer. I go to Starbucks 2 or 3 times a week and have "art" night there on Monday nights where I've brought other people in (who also buy coffee and pastries) so it's not like we are freeloaders. I would've liked to have another place to go and hang out and knit and journal but sometimes they just make us feel really unwelcome. Starbucks just doesn't care as long as we put the tables and chairs back where we found them.  If the zine were still being published I would've have definately written about that in my article. I think it's unbearably rude to turn off the lights and lock the doors of a business without telling the customers sitting there that it is closing time. HHHHHHHmmmmm let me get out my crystal ball and see if I can tell that ....nope, nothing.

On the knitting front, much happy dancing as I finished the right front of my cardigan last night. As is the case many times it was much easier than I had it built up in my knitting mind. I think the end is eventually in sight. And there will be much rejoicing...woohoo! But more than with confetti.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Time for knitting

Well, it's knitting time. Did manage to get a little done in the car while A. was delivering a catering order but had to stop when she wouldn't stop talking and I had to count. lol. Getting ready to finish the front left side of the cardigan...A. helped me through the pattern to make sure that I had all the annoying decreases correct. The math is the only thing that I hate about knitting. 'Cause I be hating the math. The cardigan should be worth it. If anyone wants to look at it (sorry, no digital camera) it is in the spring/summer issue of Knit1 on page 47. I'm using a wonderful color called Coral Gables that is a mixture of pinks, oranges, yellows and just a wonderful texture. I do like Homespun as it knits up quite nicely.

If it would only knit up by itself. I could get alot more finished that way. I do like knitting but sometimes it's overwhelming. I think the yarn stash is slowly creeping down the hall to jump out and bury me unawares one day when I am walking by. I hear it..."use us...knit me know you want we are..." I think I'm knitting too much. I think I shall have a nice cup of tea and watch my shows on PBS tonight. I do, however, want to dye my wool yarn that I bought. I specifically bought the white so I can use Kool-Aid. The hardest part is deciding what color. I'm leaning toward lemon-lime and cherry.

Friday, September 2, 2005

It's a Holiday

But you have to sing the title so it makes sense. Well, maybe only to my family. Another lllllllllllloooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg holiday weekend ahead. The good news is that I have SO much knitting to keep me busy that I certainly won't be bored. The bad news is that I have not felt like stamping and doing any art for quite awhile. I need to work on the color journal round robin that the group is doing so maybe I'll get that out of the way.

Now m. wants me to knit some cute little cardigans for "the carrier" so she can have them for school. Oh sure! I have so much time to do that. As well as my eight other hands that I use for knitting and crocheting. Why not? I still have to crochet an afgan for Pastor James that I really should get to first but I think I will start it and can work on it when I need a mindless piece to work. Maybe we will have a nice Starbucks trip this weekend. Not like I don't go every week for "art night". But it's nice to just go and sit and not have to entertain anyone. Just me, my journal and my knitting. Ah, quiet....sounds so nice. We will see.