Friday, September 16, 2005 yarn shop alert!

A new yarn shop is opening up down the street. I do okay by not going into any because most of them are not so close. But this will be so close that I will hear it calling me. I will have to put in earplugs now.

We finally had some rain today. Actually it poured but it was ssssssssssssooooooo nice and it smelled so good while it was raining. A.,m. and I went to the Indian buffet around the corner and it was delicious. Much better than the one we usually go to and boy, did we eat. Love that hot naan bread now!

I am going to start decreasing on the sleeves now ( I call the sweater "Tiny'') and maybe after "tc" goes home tomorrow I will finish it. She and m. are having a sleepover tonight. But she is always tagging after me. She wants to learn to knit but the last time we attempted that she poked me with the needles and after the second time we were DONE. I'm thinking that she will have to be just a little older. I did teach her to needlepoint but it's slow going. If I have to be honest I am jealous of my time and don't want to have to take time off my knitting to watch her. At least a little. Plus, she always wants to work on what I'm doing instead of hers. I think we will have to have rules.

Also...a great knitting dvd--The Art of Knitting.

It is very good and I already have learned a few things from it. I am probably going to order it and the second one also.

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