Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yarn stash.

Started A.'s sweater today. Had to go down a size for each needle in the swatch but I think it's going to look quite nice. I hope he likes it. I may have to make myself one also.

Here's what I got at Lambikin's Hideaway yesterday. Cascade Yarns 100% Peruvian Highland Wool that I am going to dye with Kool-aid.

Plymouth Yarn Encore Colors worsted weight that is a great varigated color with a twist.

Plymouth Yarn Yukon Print that is a great mix of pinks and oranges that look like dreadlocks.

Noro ( wool in a lovely woody color that has everything from dark green to yellow and orange.

Reynolds Yarn Smile in pinks,greens,yellows. A nice thick yarn.

And, last but not least, a lovely Italian yarn by GGH ( that is all kinds of fibers and fall colors that has a fabulous texture, very thick and thin.

I am going to knit up squares and make Am. a purse and myself a vest with lots of different textures and yarns. They should be amazing.

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anne3judy said...

This journal thing is new to me - trying it out to increase my (lack of) computer skills.  I just wanted to say that I loooove your journal - keep it up!!!  You are speaking my language, and I find your comments very entertaining.  I really like the Encore, but haven't seen the overdyed or varigated?????  (sp?)  Egad!!!  I should give it up and go knit.  I will be watching anxiously for updates to your journal.  If you have time, look at my effort - got to get knitting so I will have pics to include.  Mine always seems to end up in the trunk of someone's car - visiting daughters, etc.   If you have time, look at mine: