Monday, August 29, 2005

Just a day

Just kind of one of those days. Went to Borders while A. and m. went to Sam's Club. I got the new Belle Amoire and looked at some knitting magazines. I do want to get TKGA's magazine as it has a really great "coat"  that would be good. And it's made out of the Red Heart Light and Lofty so it would be very "fiber-y".

Took my knitting to art night tonight...gasp! what a surprise. lol. Worked on A.'s sweater. The pattern is coming right along and I think he is going to be happy. If not, a new sweater for moi. Had the A.A.S. meeting last night. I wish we could get more people to join so it can grow but I suppose it will have to do for now. I know I tell alot of people but if Patty would advertise it we might get more. Maybe we will have more people when we start at A.'s in October.

Will probably get alot done tomorrow if we get the rain that is forecast. Of course, with the styrene leak here who really wants to go anywhere. Especially since they think it will explode. Then we shall all stay inside.

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