Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh NO! Not again!

First let me thank the people who have left such nice comments. I guess I didn't actually think that anyone would be interested in reading this blog so... am red-faced at the moment. Thank you. :)

Now,the annoying part. THE PONCHO THAT WILL NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!! Whew, that's out of my system. Am. had said all along that the Coming Home poncho (which we were calling the cupcake but now is the annoying) was just not long enough. I finally got her to understand that I was not experienced enough to alter the pattern to make it longer but I would make her another poncho of some other pattern if she could find one that she liked. Of course,the pattern that she likes IS THE SAME ONE. Now they have it in plus sizes so guess what I'll be working on? That's right...the one I swore that I'd never do again. The things one will do for family. Someone owes me a Starbucks. And not a small one either. A venti. And more than one. Okay, I am calm, I am calm, I am calm. I shall go and knit on A.'s sweater so when he gets home tomorrow he can see how the pattern will look. Then it goes away for awhile so I can work on my cardigan.  And watch the knitting dvd that I got from the library.  Learn to knit with Laura*Jean. Looked like it might be interesting so we will see.  I am going to go to her website and take a look. 

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anne3judy said...

This one was fun to read!!!!  My sense of humour is not so high.  I know the feeling of the thing that will never die - I have a needlepoint plaid thing I do and a pseudo-friend who doesn't understand why I don't have time to do these things for her - knit ponchos, sweaters, throws (afghans!!), purses, and needlepoint prayer shawl bags for all of her nephews.  I found a source for voodoo dolls yesterday, and shall order one in her shape and stick big pins into it.  She keeps bringing her friends over early Saturday mornings and expecting me to give them knitting lessons.  I am knitting a scarf for a real friend, and it seems to get shorter the more I knit.  I think I need to do something else for a while.  Do keep up this journal - it is tooooo entertaining.  If you want - look at one of my journals - there is one on needlepoint and knitting, but I can't remember the name of it.  I started another on knitting, but haven't put much on it.  It's not as fun to read as yours.