Sunday, August 7, 2005

Actually I not be knitting

See,if I'm sitting here then I'm not knitting. I would like to able to work the keyboard with my toes and be able to knit all at the same time. I have to start m's poncho and I'm sick of that pattern. I should have done hers before mine so I wouldn't dread it so much. I think that it's the yarn switch as well. Not at all sure that it's going to work the same way . But I will NEVER admit it. Will not do another of those stupid Coming Home ponchos again. Especially since I had to frog A's 3 times before I finally got the pattern correct. Geeze! what a git. On the up side, the "sweater that never ends" is finally looking like it might actually end. I will not knit such a long cardigan for some time. I think that I will go and knit some now.

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