Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Can't believe that Ad. wants me to knit him a sweater. I asked him last night and he actually said yes. I felt really bad as I've knitted something for everyone else and it just didn't dawn on me that he would want something. I will order the yarn in the next few days...a pretty wool yarn called Andes Wool of the World from KnitPicks. In a green color called fern. I would have never picked that color for him.

  On the poncho front I knitted on it last night at Caribou and on the way to the chiropractor this morning. It's looking pretty good.

  About halfway through the first section of the annoying poncho, which probably wouldn't be so annoying if m. wouldn't keep saying,"is it done yet?'' Like she can even wear it now in the heat. Did I mention how hot it is? Yuck. I used to love the heat but not anymore. I definately can sympathize now with people who complain about it all the time.

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