Friday, December 2, 2005

Too tired to knit

Spent most of today (after working) running errands and geeze, I'm tired. Sssshhhh, I'm too tired to knit. Today m. bought me a knitting machine for Christmas but haven't really decided what I think about that. Seems kind of like the easy way out or cheating somehow. I  am sure that it will be great and will be able to make some afghans and larger sweaters pretty fast but still.... The weather is supposed to be gross and wintery this weekend so I will sit inside and watch the video for the machine and see what's going on with it. And I will knit by hand. I am making myself a hat since everyone seems to like theirs. I bought some Lion Brand Colorwaves and it looks pretty cute. And so soft. Someone will probably want that one also so hopefully I will be able to get 2 hats out of it.

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