Saturday, November 5, 2005

Almost finished

As soon as I am done on here I am off to finish K.'s cardigan. I do like knitting for kids as I can finish it much sooner. I would have put something in here earlier but I have been chased around the house by the new Patternworks and KnitPicks catalogs that have insidiously wormed their way in here. They follow me around, whispering...look, look at what we have for you. You know you want me, take me home and love me. I run but I can't hide because they know me too well. So I succombed and am going to order a few things. Just to shut them up you know. They will just keep after me until they get what they want. It's just easier to give in. Plus,then I will have all this new stuff to fondle and read. lol

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