Sunday, November 6, 2005

It's a sweater!

Well, I put together the back and the front panels of the cardigan today. I could've finished it by now if I hadn't had been so lazy and just sat in a chair and basically stared at the wall. I will put it together and finish the I-cords tonight. I think it will also look really cute as a little vest so I got some pink yarn...well, it's more of a rose color... and am going to make another sweater and haven't decided what color vest to make. She really likes red but her mom doesn't so unfortunately K. doesn't get to wear much red. If anyone wants to see a picture of the cardigan it is in the spring issue of Knit It! on page 102. It is called the sassy-stripe cardigan but I knit it a varigated yarn of blues, mauves, creams and tan. It knit up very pretty even though I hate the yarn. And I put a fluffy blue collar on it. It was a yarn that I got on clearance from Big Lots and it's from Australia. Looks great with the yarn.

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