Sunday, October 9, 2005

Whatever happened to the cardigan

Well, you may ask me...what ever happened to that cardigan that you were working on not too long ago? That's a very good question and here's the answer. I have all of it put together and am attaching the  placket (it's a knit it as you attach it) but have put it aside to work on the never-ending poncho. There is good news on that front though. I am working on the 3rd panel now and have sewn the other two panels together. Soon,oh so soon it will be done and off the needles and away from me FOREVER!!!haahahahahhahahaha. Oh sorry, got a little overly excited there.

Got my order from Knitpicks Saturday. Two balls of Wool of the Andes in Ironore. I am planning on making the "potato chip" scarf for A. for Christmas. It will go well with the&^^&$##%(*&^& poncho. Also got  The Opionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman and another book that I cannot remember the name but will look and get it in here soon. Guess I will go and work on the poncho.

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