Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Conquering the poncho

Have gotten 1 panel finished and almost half of the second finished. I think that it won't take as long as I had originally planned. I would like to have it finished for A. by next week as we might actually have some fall weather. Then m.can have hers since A. is giving up the old one. Worked on it some last night at Starbucks but was busy talking and laughing with Mert and Cindy so I didn't get that much done. But got quite alot done today.

Went to JoAnne's Fabric today and found some very interesting boucle yarn that was their own brand. A huge amount...over 800 yards for $7.99 and a beautiful fall color...orange, browns, reds, a lovely subtle varigated yarn for a sweater. I have a pattern for a tunic-type sweater that I ordered from www.Patternworks.com that should look quite nice. Just have to decide whether to have it be single or double strand. Guess I will have to do a swatch for both. But it will be awhile before I can do something else for me as all the projects are PILING up. C. has bought some more skeins of the Moda Dea Dreams for her poncho so I suppose I should work some on that. <groan>

Am reading a very interesting book...No Idle Hands, A social history of knitting in America. Very informative and interesting.

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